National Task Force

Stacey Whiteley, Violet Colydas, and Eric Watkins at a National Task Force meeting.


ANYSYC members with OJJDP’s Scott Peterson.


ANYSYC members Judy Wolfe and Violet Colydas assist in a National Task force meeting.


Violet Colydas and Katherine Chambers at a training in Chicago, IL.


Eric Watkins presenting Scott Peterson with a token of appreciation.


ANYSYC members displaying their poster representing NY at a National Task Force meeting.


Judy Wolfe with Tracy Godwin Mullins.


Judy Wolfe, Violet Colydas, and Andrew Placito.


ANYSYC members with OJJDP staff after receiving a $5000 grant from OJJDP.


ANYSYC’s Judy Wolfe addressing the National Task Force regarding the work ANYSYC is doing at home.


ANYSYC members with Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Administrator Robert Flores at the National Task Force meeting.