The Association of New York Youth Courts (ANYSYC) appreciates all that our volunteers do for our programs across the State. We would be nothing without the work and support of these high school volunteers. In return, we strive to support and celebrate their efforts and accomplishments at every

Each year, ANYSYC offers small monetary scholarships to high school student volunteers who have dedicated their time to improving and sustaining our Youth Court programs. To be eligible, the student must be a member of a preferred youth court program and attend an undergraduate program upon completion of high school. Students are required to write an essay of 400-600 words describing how being a member of Youth Court has impacted them and their plans for continued studies.

Our primary scholarship is the Hon. Judith S. Kaye Memorial Scholarship. Judith S. Kaye, was the former Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals and fervent supporter of Youth Court programs across the State. She spearheaded administrative reform and devoted much of her career to improving the lives of children and families. This scholarship is awarded to one student in the State that the ANYSYC scholarship committee feels has demonstrated a true commitment to the ideals of restorative justice, furthering positive outcomes for youth, and a proven dedication to their academic careers.

Additionally, the ANYSYC offers smaller scholarships to student volunteers in each region of the State whose submitted essays reflect this same level of commitment to the underlying principles of Youth Court programs and their continued studies.