What exactly is the Association of New York State Youth Courts?

ANYSYC is a membership based group that works to support and strengthen Youth Courts across New York State.

What can ANYSYC do for my Youth Court?

ANYSYC can provide your court with a strong network of Youth Courts across the state. A unified voice for all Youth Courts is essential. ANYSYC collects data and is compiling a library of training material for volunteers and staff that can be accessed and utilized by members. Further, membership provides your court with the knowledge that your court is part of something greater, an organization that has influence across the state and across the country.

If my court joins, what will be expected of my court?

As an ANYSYC member, you will be expected to support the mission of the Association through participation in quarterly conference calls. You will also be expected to assist the Association through contributing to the resource library or to the newsletter, and through participation on committees as new tasks and assignments arise.

How long is a period of membership?

Membership is on an annual basis, starting in January. Memberships are accepted throughout the year.

I am the only employee of my Youth Court and I don’t have a lot of time to sit on committees or do any extra work, should I not bother to join the Association?

This is the scenario that many of our New York State Youth Court staff face. A lot of Youth Court directors are the program’s only employee, working full time with part time pay, and working tirelessly to keep their program afloat. Through ANYSYC membership, you will meet people with situations similar to yours and learn how they manage their courts; maybe even picking up a tip or two that would be useful to your program. Committee participation is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory, so if you felt that you really didn’t have the time to sit on a committee, you certainly wouldn’t be forced to.

My Youth Court’s budget is really tight; I don’t think I can afford to attend a meeting on a quarterly basis. Should I not join?

ANYSYC understands that budgetary concerns are at the top of the list of priorities for many NY Youth Courts. Because of this, ANYSYC now holds quarterly conference call meetings and an annual networking event. Holding conference call meetings allows everyone available to attend the meeting from their respective office. This has been especially helpful to those Youth Court directors who are single or short staffed.Even if you cannot participate in the conference call, the minutes for each meeting are distributed by the secretary and are available on the minutes page.

Can the Association provide funding assistance for the operational costs of my Youth Court?

At the present time the Association is not capable of providing operational funding for individual Youth Courts. ANYSYC can however, put you in contact with governmental agencies that may be able to provide financial assistance to your court and can provide a number of financial resources in your region. Further, there are a number of ANYSYC members who are adept at grant writing and can offer assistance and guidance in the preparation of grant material for your court.

Can the Association help our community start a Youth Court?

Definitely. ANYSYC members have a wealth of knowledge and know-how that can be offered to your community to assist in the creation of a Youth Court. ANYSYC can also put you in direct contact with federal officials who can assist with the creation of your Youth Court. For more information on how to start a Youth Court, contact the association president Katherine Chambers

How can my court join the Association?

Visit the Membership page for more information. Download the form and mail it back to the address listed on the form to become a member.